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Parenting: Some Good, Some Bad, a Lot of Ugly

Okay, so I embarrass myself in public on a regular basis but I had no idea what was in store for me when I became a parent.  Boogers, poos, sleepless nights....parenting is not for the faint of heart.

Before I gave birth I imagined my days as a new mother to be filled with walking an adorable baby in her cute little buggy around parks, eating only homemade, fresh, organic food; going for fair trade coffee; playing with toys locally made out of renewable resources and taking time to write during baby naps.  My mom laughs hilariously when I remind her of this.  In general parenting has turned out to be a huge exercise in humility (and love!) for me. Plus, being a great parent does not (necessarily) mean looking good while doing it.

When my waters broke I was in Temple Bar having lunch.  We walked from the restaurant over the Ha'penny Bridge and tried to hail a cab to the hospital.  A couple guys jumped in the cab that pulled in and my partner nearly had a conniption fit right there o…

O'Meara Family Origins

I have dusted off some research completed when I was working towards my M.Phil at Trinity.  Agh, of the many things I've found is an essay (below), written about the History of the O'Mearas.  I may have been born an O'Meara but I became a historian for my sins.  Enjoy.


 The history surrounding the O’Meara family in and around Toomevara in the later Medieval period is anything but complete.  Due to a substantial lack of information in primary sources it is difficult to recreate the part they played in the history of Ormond or the Diocese of Killaloe.  From certain sources, however, it is possible to piece together information illustrating the establishment of the O’Mearas as an ecclesiastical family and their influence on the priory of Toomevara, including but not limited to, the family supplying members to the position of warden of Toomevara, prior of St. John’s at Nenagh, rector of Latteragh, and the chancell…