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Migratory by Nature

I am preparing to move from my beloved urban apartment (by choice, we'd like more space) which I have lived in for the last six years.  In all my 40 years, this is the longest I have ever lived in one abode.

My dad was a military doc, but going back further my family has always been keen to move around.  My Irish ancestors immigrated to America during the Famine.  On my dad's side (O'Mearas, Meehans, Duffys, Tappans, Purcells & Smyths), they hit NYC and decided to stick around.  My gran, Mary Meehan, was raised in an all Irish neighbourhood in the Bronx while my grandad, Tom O'Meara,  grew up in Manhattan.  Like any socially upward aspiring Irish-Americans, they worked hard to move from the Big Smoke out to the leafy suburbs of Newark, New Jersey (I know, the mind boggles, but they were different times).  My dad left NJ after graduation to attend West Point (the US military academy), and so began many years of moving around.

My mom's family are migratory by nat…