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Affliction of Addiction

Recently, a few people I follow on Twitter have been hugely courageous in coming out with their own struggles and I feel its time to make mine public, too.  This is my story.

I am a recovering alcoholic.

I don't come from an alcoholic family.  I didn't have a horrible childhood.  But I did always feel separate.  Not good enough.  Growing up I felt like all the other kids were clued-in to a secret (of life) that I, somehow, missed out on.  So when I started experimenting with drinking, around 15 1/2, and it filled up that 'hole in the soul', I loved it.  I felt like I finally belonged.

Once I went to University I really began to party and I justified it by continuing to do well in school.  I got good grades and was never in any trouble.  But the hangovers were getting worse and making me really anxious.  I started to protect my drinking by not drinking with the same people so nobody would know how much I was really drinking.  I tried to manage it by only drinking on the…