The Original Father Jack: St. Mary's, Dublin 1399

God be with the days when priests were nowt but holy examples to their congregations.


Verbatim from: The Calendar of Papal Registers (Papal Letters) vol. IV (His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1902), pps 193-4

17. Kal April
St. Peter's, Rome
(f 111d.)

To Stephen Roche, Cistercian abbot of St. Mary's by Dublin. Absolution from any sentences which he may have chanced to incur for uncleanliness of the flesh, laying violent hands on clerks, going out of his monastery or places of his order without leave of his superiors, entering monasteries of nuns, carrying prohibited weapons, disobeying his supervisors, conspiring against them or others, or visiting taverns; with dispensation for any irregularity contracted by celebrating or taking part in divine offices while under such sentences and rehabilitation.  Exigit tue devocionis.


It may interest the reader to note this entry can be found in the book's index under the subject of  'Religious...fornication'


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