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You Cannot Beat Christmas in Ireland

All of my ex-pat friends and I agree - you cannot beat Christmas in Ireland.  For those of you who've never experienced it, allow me to illuminate you.  Christmas is not just one day but the entire month of December.  An entire month of celebrations and good will (also an entire month of packed shops but hey, who's complaining as we start to emerge from recession)!

I first immigrated to Ireland in November of 1995 and spent my first Christmas away from my birth family that year. What made it so much easier was how FUN it was.  I remember being blown away by everyone saying "Sure, its Christmas!" weeks before the 25th and having to get into a city centre pub by 5.30pm to ensure we'd have a seat.  I thought late buses ran all the time like they run at Christmas - great craic up the top and strangers amicably singing together all the way home.  I was awe struck.

But Dublin has more to offer than just the 12 Pubs Of Christmas.  Did you know Handel's Messiah was…