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So earlier today I had a conversation with someone about addiction & recovery and it really reminded me of how difficult it is for anyone to face their addiction(s) and in general, how scary it is (for the average punter) to talk about their experiences in recovery.  Especially in Ireland.  Unlike The States, where when I assert that I am a recovering alcoholic and people respond positively ("Oh, wow, that's great!", "Good for you!", etc.) when I come-out to people in Ireland the response I get is typically one of abject fear, judgement & resentment.  People will usually take a step back from me because you know, the alcoholism.  ITS CATCHING.  Or they'll automatically assume they're morally superior to me and/or I'm a vulnerable wreck to be pitied.  Nopers.  Or they'll begrudge me for leaving The Team.  Its a small minority of people I call friends who accept me for who I am without judgement and applaud/support the work I've done.