The Poetic Soul

Lake Isle of Inisfree, Sligo

 I'll admit it - I strive to have the discipline to sit down and write more often so that I can focus on the two works of fiction I am creating. This rarely happens.  Its not only a question of discipline, but that fiction writing doesn't come easy to me.  Poetry does.  Of course, I don't really want to write poetry. *shakes fist at Universe* But it is what it is.

I've decided to come out of the poetry closet and include some of the bits I wrote a few years ago here. Just because it comes easily to me doesn't mean its any good.  But these I quite like.

[No Title]
little girl
its not easy growing up
the pressure to conform
                    to be skinny
                    to be dumb
whatever hurdles you must jump
whichever battles you win or lose
your mama is there
holding up your true self to you
you can be a woman and be strong
you can be whatever you want to be
Because your mama loves you for who you are
Because your mama believes in you as you are
there is nothing you cannot achieve that you put your mind to
I transfer my love to you that you believe in yourself
that you cherish yourself
that you love your true self
Hecate, Kali, Diana, Eve, Tara, Brigid: you are all of these and more
little girl

Climbing to Maeve's Cairn, Sligo

Your heart beats inside me
Your energy resonates within me
I curl up in your folds
On my knees I worship you
With my hands I work you
In my soul I see you
With my death I nourish you
Alongside my sisters, we heal you

Rays of Light
I rise with the sun
My tendrils blaze across a vibrant sky
To push the wind and
Caress the face of a child
I heat the earth
I am your Mother
I am here, listening,

Lake Steilicoom at dawn, Lakewood, WA, USA


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