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Co-Parenting: Its Only Massive

I've put off writing this post because it involves other people.  I don't think I have the right to write about others, especially not their personal lives.  Tempering this is a desire to share what an awesome experience I've had (and currently have) with co-parenting.

Also, one more thing I want to say is that this post doesn't exist to pressure or shame other parents into doing what I'm doing.  Everyone needs to find their own way and although this has been an absolute winner for us, everyone is different.

I have been co-parenting (one week on, one week off) with my ex-partner for the last four years.  I had some doubts going into it, like, 'surely a child needs to have one home for stability?' Not only have my doubts been proven wrong, but my daughter is secure in the fact she has two homes (not just one).

The once-a-week drop off/pick up also makes things a lot easier.  We had tried different schedules before co-parenting and this has been much more s…