Parenting: Your Heart Will Explode With Love

There are many moments in parenting that make your day.  That make your week.  But a few of them are so special you know you will remember them forever and that they will become part of your family oral history.

When my daughter was about four, she came home from school and told me "Cian says boys can only marry girls and girls can only marry boys!" This seemed strange to her as I have consistently repeated the mantra that girls can marry girls and girls can marry boys; boys can marry boys and boys can marry girls.  So I looked at her curious, honest face and said, "Well, some people think boys should only marry girls and girls should only marry boys.  But I think people should marry who they want." At that moment, my daughter looked up at me and said, "I want to marry you, mommy." And gave me a great, big hug. And my heart exploded with love.

Last Friday my daughter and I were on our way to school (she's now a few years older) when I was reminiscing about how we used to have this banter from the time she was 2yrs+...

Me: "Who does Mama love?"
Her: "Baba!"
Me (louder): "I say, who does Mama love?"
Her (louder): "Baba!"
Her: "BABA!!!"
Me: "Mama LLOOOOOVVEESS her baba girl!"

And then I'd pick her up, swing her around and cover her with kisses and hugs.

So we had a nice moment remembering that. Then she turned to me, looked up and said, "Who does baba love?"

And I melted.


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