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New Beginnings

I love the week between Christmas and the New Year as a meditative, contemplative and quiet period during which we look both back and forward.  Its a uniquely liminal space between the known and the unknown.

The old Roman god, Janus (for which January is named) is the diety of thresholds and beginnings.  His image is one of two heads, facing in opposite directions.  Just as we look back to the year that was and forward to the year that will be.

We take stock of the last year.  What worked? What didn't? What surprised us? And allow our aspirations to manifest in goals for the New Year.  Where do we want our lives to go? To change? To improve?

Every year at this time I find myself looking around and seeking "What can I get rid of"? What do I no longer have use for? What am I still holding onto that I no longer need? I always enjoy decluttering but especially during this time of year, when its specifically to make space for things to come.

The new pajamas that I never real…