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Marriage Medieval Irish Style: Not Your Gran's Marriage!

In November of 1995, while the Divorce Referendum was front page news all over Ireland, I was starting research on my Master's Degree looking at marriage practices in the late medieval period.  It was not lost on me that in 1995 marriage practices were much more restrictive than 1,000 years previously.  I found it amusing that The Church, now irrevocably entwined with Irish identity, was considered an Anglo Norman import and not wholly welcomed by the Irish Gaelic but forced upon them in the years following the Norman Invasion.  Our definition of 'culture' and 'identity' is in a much greater state of flux and fluidity than we humans may be comfortable with.

Did you know...

Medieval Irish marriage, divorce and concubinage practices were divergent from both continental Europe as well as Roman Church practices. "Throughout the Medieval period, and down to the end of the old order in 1603, what could be called Celtic secular marriage remained the norm in Ireland, a…