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St Patrick's Day: Patty's or Paddy's?

Hello fellow wanderers! Today is two days before the annual Irish bacchanal. If you live in Ireland, you know that every year, about this time, people born and raised in Ireland tend to get very tetchy about the fact that Americans say 'Patty's'.  Oh, yes.

Apparently (to them), it sounds like nails on a chalkboard.  Some have created whole websites about it. Yesterday, one of our national newspapers, The Irish Examiner, ran an article with the headline, "For feck's sake: There's no such thing as Patty's Day", that rejoices in shaming people for the gall to use 'Patty's'.  There's even a twitter hashtag, #PaddyNotPatty.

Sorry, indigenous Irish St Patrick pedants, but you don't get to control a celebration that was made by the New World.  That's right.  I'm long enough living in Ireland to remember the Patrick's Day parades of the 90s.  Anyone else? It was embarrassing that cities in the Americas & Australia had far…