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A Heady Perfume of Memory

I had to pop into Boots this morning (itself a nostalgic experience as it's predecessor was one of my favourite chemists in Dublin upon moving here in 1995. Every time I step over the threshold I regret they've taken the old pharmacy's initials out of the mosaic) and as I had some time to spare, indulged myself by taking a trip down memory lane via their perfume counter. Nothing like a smell can trigger my memory so acutely that for a few seconds I am actually brought back in time.

My nostalgia initially brings me back to my junior & senior years in high school, when I wore Coco Chanel and Bijan exclusively. When I smell Coco, I can see my bedroom exactly as it was circa 1987.   During the Easter break of my senior year I was lucky to go on the school sponsored holiday to Greece. One whiff of Carolina Herrera and I'm right back there.

My years in university are punctuated by a Victoria's Secret perfume, Connemara, CK One (remember what a BIG DEAL it was that C…

Disney World - The Happiest Place on Earth

We have just completed our first family pilgrimage to Disney World.  I had only been once (30 years ago), when I was 11.  Much has changed.  I cannot stress how fabulous a time we had.  That's no bullshit.  Disney works hard to make the experience as enjoyable for grown ups as for kids.  I went into the holiday thinking that grown ups who go there must be missing something in their lives to need to lose themselves in fantasy.  Having spent a week there, Disney just makes your vacation as easy and enjoyable as possible.  It is possibly the most efficient corporation on Earth.  If we hired them for two weeks, they'd have our Irish Water issues sorted out in within the fortnight.  No lie. 
I previously thought Irish natives were a bit mad for talking up Florida so much.  I mean, its just Florida.  Heat, humidity and cockroaches.  Maybe something's happened to me over the years living here, I don't know, but I actually got it this time.  The sun was amazing.  I can still s…