The Kids Are Alright

Birds eye view of Seattle, 1889, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

O'Connell St & Clery's, Dublin, 1891, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
You know how some older people just bitch and moan about the younger generations coming up? So wrong.  I'm confident, from what I see from people in their 20s, in both Seattle & Ireland that the world is going to be a better place when they are in power.

This past week I've been lucky enough to host one of my cousins (Anna) from Seattle and her good friend (Danielle), who are spending a few months in Europe wwoofing. Its been really fun.  And I knew it would be.  I enjoy showing people around my beloved adopted home and knew we'd have a good time.  But I didn't expect all the extra cool things they'd impress upon me and teach me.

I don't have much family nearby and it was truly amazing to have two young women who are such great and strong role models for my young daughter.  Studying science.  Activist minded.  Healthy on the inside & out. Able to express their real thoughts and emotions without inhibitions.  Courteous, kind (to themselves, each other and others) and open minded to exploring the world.  I wished they lived closer.  My daughter adores them and I'd love for us to see each other more regularly.

Seán O'Casey bridge, April 2015

I am really glad to be reminded of how wonderful sarcasm can be when it comes from a place of love.  Like, when it comes from good people and is used for humour (as opposed to being acidic + passive aggressive and used intentionally to wound someone).  I needed to be reminded of this.

I feel like I've been reacquainted with the very healthy & health aware Seattle lifestyle and am grateful to the great conversations we've had regarding sugar, sugar substitutes, fat, caffeine, processed food and detoxing.  I can do better in my own diet.

I was reminded how brilliant discussions among people with differing views can be if they're conducted with compassion and respect.  Truly, these two young women are far more mature and healthy than I was at their age and I feel lucky to know them.

I had forgotten how wonderful it is to have multiple generations of strong, good women under one roof.

I also learned somethings about myself.  Like, if we hadn't been taking pictures I mightn't have realised that the khaki trousers I own are the most UNFLATTERING GARMENT I OWN AND MUST BE BURNED NOW. You can't see it from this picture because I was compelled by vanity to edit it but holy gods, it made my mama belly look like a super sized alien brain.  I'm not even kidding.

Lastly, I learned that I really like this phase of life that I am currently in.  I enjoyed being able to support two younger travellers as a way of giving thanks to the many older people who supported me when I was young & travelling.  Life does come in cycles and its nice to give back.

I'm super excited (my daughter might be more excited, its too close to say) about them coming back to us for a couple days before they return to The States.  More dance parties.  More great chat.  More humour (I mean seriously, how great is it when someone clues your kid into the fact that if they keep a really serious face in a picture when everyone else is smiling that its ridiculously funny).

Thank you, Anna & Danielle.  We send our love & look forward to seeing you soon.

If you'd like to follow Anna & Danielle on their travels, they're blogging at Trumpet Girls in a Crumpet World.


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