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It wasn't long before a quick look at my Facebook page reminded me its #ThrowBackThursday.  I'd never posted a pic in regards to this so I thought I might as well.  Luckily, I have three full photo albums chronicling my 20s (1990s). Oh, the memories!

My hair used to be much darker, before it turned grey/white.  I actually like it more now.  Its thicker and less frizzy.

I was never skinny.  Even in my 20s.  I've always carried around a bit of weight.  It may look better on me now.

I'm really glad I've always taken pictures of where I lived (although at the time it seems weird) as I have pics of houses, as they looked at the time, which I can check my memory against.  Google maps is great but it doesn't go back in time (as far as I'm aware).

I'm also glad I liked to save things like ticket stubs / concert tickets / wedding invites and stick them in between the pages.  What a flood of memories they bring back.

I think its easy, for all of us, to be somew…