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Liminal Spaces

Throughout the course of my 43 years I find myself unintentionally but continuously occupying liminal spaces.  The spaces in-between.  Not this but not really that either.  Continuously a bit on the outside of things.  Which I don't mind.  Obviously it must work for me if I regularly find myself rejecting the middle/conventional to live on the periphery.

This was recently brought home as I had two house guests from America visit.  During the course of the week I got to fall in love with Dublin and Ireland all over again, as I showed them around.  That's a great feeling when its renewed.  I also found myself listening to them in awe as I realised some things I take for granted as being 'American' have changed.  For example, kids always went back to school after Labour Day when I was growing up.  This isn't the case anymore.  I found myself feeling strangely disconnected from the country I grew up in.  Its a little thing, but one of the many ways we identify as bein…