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What does it mean to be happy?

Apologies for the lamest blog title ever.  I suppose the morning coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

What IS happiness? Why are we all chasing it? Google defines 'happy' as "feeling or showing pleasure or contentment." Who wouldn't want that, right?  Now, I know what you might be thinking.  ALL feelings are normal, striving to be happy all the time is both unnatural and impossible.  We have a wide range of emotions available to us.  To try and be only one all of the time would be...extremely stressful.  Yet striving for happiness is a race we all take part in.  How many times have you heard someone talking about their partner and say, "S/he makes me happy." Or explain why they had to leave a job, "I wasn't happy there."

Following one's bliss is important.  It matters.  And everyone's different.  The default seems to be trying to tick boxes and outwardly (externally) look happy in the hopes it will carry through to how we feel on the…

Gardener's Almanac: January 2016

Its that time of year in the garden when you start to get itchy about getting your hands dirty again.  There's not much to do but its calling to you just the same.

The very wet winter has been good for new trees taking root.  In Oct/Nov I took over a wee green patch behind my house and planted a maple tree.  I'm at the top of a hill and the winds can be very strong.  I've been worried about that little tree but the torrential rain has softened the ground and mostly likely helped it to establish a good root system. The lavender and ornamental grasses seem to be doing fine.  I can even see the daffodils and tulips I planted starting to bud.  I'm only keen for some dry weather so I can pull up the surrounding grass and plant a flowering cover.

The Winter planters I arranged back in Autumn have done very well.  I'm keen to see how they fair through the rest of the year though, they have been a great source of colour through the winter and that's one of the goals I …