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The Real Deal About Making, Baking and Growing Your Own

I've been interested in baking, cooking and growing-my-own for years now.  From the time I earned my BA and started buying plants, I now (some 20 years later!) have a garden where every plant and tree in it is there by my own hand.

I've also recently started baking my own bread, and have a sourdough starter on the go.  In the last three years I've harvested pumpkins, mixed lettuce, corn on the cob, beetroot, carrots, kale, garlic, potatoes, rocket, courgettes, leeks, onions and cabbage from the three large veg boxes I have.  I have two productive apple trees in the back.

Every morning I wake up I thank all the gods for the large grocery store that's near me.  

And here's why: It takes ALOT of space to grow all your own food.  I never actually appreciated how privileged it is to walk into a grocery store and buy whatever food you want, no matter the season, until I started putting hard work in the garden. Seriously.

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