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Gardener's Almanac: Lughnasadh Approaching

Its prime growing season i sa ghairdín.  As autumn and the old harvest festival of Lughnasadh approaches (one of the four great fire festivals of the year in Old Times, the others being Samhain on 31 Oct/1 Nov; Imbolg on 1 February; Bealtaine on 1 May), its time to take stock and be grateful for the impending harvest.  There is much to do.

We're not long back from holidays in the States which were great but being away from the garden for two and a half weeks in July was probably not the greatest idea I've ever had.  The grass in the back garden was two feet tall in places when we returned so its taken a good few days to wrangle it back into some semblance of civility.

Unfortunately, all the miniature pansies I had in pots fared poorly when we were away and I'm trying to salvage them now.  The Boston Ivy to the side of the house also looks a bit worse for the ware which is frustrating as I'm pulling out ivy in other places of the garden, growing wild, but can't se…

Gardener's Almanac: Midsommar i sa ghairdín

Well we've finally passed the hump that is midsommar.  The longest day of the year has come and gone and the days are now getting shorter here in Ireland, by about 2 minutes per day.  I'm going to enjoy the fleeting days of twilight at 22.30 and the day breaking after 4am.

The garden is bursting with growth.  Which is heartening as our cold spring delayed everything by about three weeks.  I usually do a final planting in mid June and this year was no different.  Luckily, the shoots are coming up even if I'm having to beat the slugs off them.  I don't use any pesticides and never have, either on the edible or ornamental plants in the garden.  The raised beds and copper tape (and picking them off by hand!) work as a good deterrent to slugs but they are trying my patience in the back garden and have eaten all my sunflower sproutlings (I plant all seeds directly into the beds as well, something I enjoy and prefer but I may have to raise some plants to a good size inside be…