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#LoveAutumnInTheGarden: September 2016

Its been a very busy and very productive two months in the garden.  Autumn is upon us and the garden has burst forth in all its glorious abundance.  One of the great things about this time of year is that I make it a goal to work in as much garden produce as possible into our daily diet.  This morning's breakfast contained blackberries and an apple picked moments before they were eaten.

Although the slugs only left me one pumpkin plant and one tomato plant, what massive plants they are! I've never seen a pumpkin or tomato plant do so well.  The fruits aren't ready to harvest yet, the pumpkins will take another month while (hopefully) the tomatoes will be ripening shortly, especially as the days are sunny and warm.  If they don't, all I need to do is bring them inside once they reach a certain size.  They'll go red fairly quickly and be ready to eat.

There's still mixed lettuce in the garden and the sweetcorn is just ripening to harvest. The mixed lettuce has b…