Late Autumn i sa ghairdín

Pumpkin, leeks, kale and potatoes. Herbs at side of beds (oregano/marjoram, chives, rosemary, sage, thyme)
It took a while for the garden to get going this Spring and that lateness has continued through the Autumn.  Its the beginning of October and the garden is still, splendidly, in full harvest mode.

Last of the tomatoes in front of sweet corn
 I've finally cut back the peonies and have harvested the last of the tomatoes, bringing them inside to ripen.  The sweetcorn is also ready to be harvested and should make some tasty treats this week.  I'm planning on allowing the mixed lettuce to self-seed this year...we'll see how that works out.

The pumpkin, kale, leeks and potatoes are all going from strength to strength (so far).
I'll harvest the pumpkin around Hallowe'en but I'm going to leave the leeks and potatoes to over winter.  There are still blackberries ripening and apples on the tree.

The chives have exploded so I've had to cut them back and the mint has reproduced multiple times, making a mini mint area at the side.  The most striking thing, though, during this extremely mild Autumn is the things that are growing that shouldn't be.  Like the dahlias that have just bloomed (again).  The apple blossoms coming out on the apple tree (what?!).  The allium shoots.  Its a bit crazy and I doubt they'll bloom fully with the days getting colder and shorter but it will be interesting to see what happens.
Dahlias on their second bloom (October)
Allium shoots (October!)
Apple tree blossoms again (October!)
The wee patch of communal land at the back of the house continues to do well and has a lovely scent of lavender.  The ornamental grass has died back but the Snow in Summer is going strong and the nasturtium is thriving.  I'm hoping to add flowering bushes to it year by year.  Its the first year the maple tree has been in and even though its only a sapling, the autumn colours are glorious.
As we approach winter and start to get ready for colder weather & hibernation, I wish everyone happy gardening and a fantastic Samhain / Hallowe'en.  Our neighbourhood still celebrates the old way with a massive bonfire...I'll try to post some pics if possible. And the skies - the skies! - such amazing pink sunrises this time of year.  Enjoy.


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