Its About Time

I love living in and walking through Dublin.   Not only do you not need a car in the city centre, you don't want one.  From the eclectic vibe of Portobello to the authentic Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese restaurants on Parnell St.  From Capel St over River Run to Parliament St, the back alleys of Dublin Castle bringing me through to George's St.  Taking a short cut through Trinity College's campus, hearing the Campanile ring, noting the queue of pilgrims to see the Book of Kells then walking between the pitches and going out the secret door onto Nassau St.  The smiles, nods and little winks as you meet and pass the citizenry of Dublin.

Don't forget to look up - there are many architectural delights to be found but also the clocks! Oh, the many timekeeping clocks! You can walk through the whole of the city without needn't to check your watch or phone once.  Most of the outside time pieces are from Stokes of Cork, the alpha and omega of horology in Ireland.

GPO, O'Connell St 

Clery's Dept Store might be gone but we still have the clock and its still keeping the correct time. 

Eason's, O'Connell St 

Trinity College, facing College Green 

Grafton St, at the short cut through the medieval alley to Powerscourt House. Note: keeps Spring time (an hour ahead)
Stephen Street Lower, just west of Stephens Green, past the shopping centre
While enjoying your stroll around town, stop at one of the MANY coffee places and bring a really good coffee with you on your travels.  Having grown up in a strong coffee culture (Seattle), I would say Dublin rivals the best of cities now in regards to coffee.  Sure there's Starbucks but if you don't need the free wifi or to charge your device, what you really want is Coffee Angel, the coffee shop in Fallon & Byrne on Wicklow St, Brother Hubbard on Capel St. (Note, Dublin is also experiencing an explosion of donuts shops, all very decent, but the stand out best, in my opinion, has to be Aungier Danger).

While you're enjoying a walk through the history, architecture and many stories of Dublin, don't forget to look UP: there's a little gargoyle on the top of one of the old houses flanking the traditional market street of Moore St.  See if you can find him! 


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