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Cásca i sa ghairdín

We were away for a week over the Easter break.  Whenever I return home (and truly, nil aon tinteán mar do thinteán fein) I am immeasurably grateful when: 1) the house is still standing and whole; 2) the garden isn't a complete disaster area; 3) I can still manage to pay all my bills.  Gratitude, hey?

We might get to take a break but the garden doesn't.  I arrived back to find the grass in desperate need of a cut along with roses beset by green fly (aphids) and weeds coming up throughout some of the beds.  It took me the better part of two days to knock it back into shape but hard work is good work and the effort has paid off.  The last big job I have now is to get more veg seeds sown in the planter boxes, which should happen later this afternoon.

I am absolutely smitten with aquilegias (columbines) which I've never had before but now have in flower boxes in the front garden.  The blooms and later seed heads are stunningly, delicately beautiful.  I'm told they are prol…