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Gardening at its most lush: August 2017

There is something particularly lush about this time of year.  Its harvest time, so croppable plants planted in spring are either ready to pick or nearly there.  All the autumn annuals and perennials are getting ready to shine - sunflowers, Chinese lanterns, autumn asters.  I try to have something in bloom during every season so I'm really excited for the show of Autumn colour this year.  The two Chinese lantern plants I planted last Spring don't seem to be doing very much yet, but the sunflowers and asters should bring a burst of gold and purple to the garden.

I have an incredible cabbage harvest this year which is possibly, partially, due to my starting to use nematodes for slugs.  In previous years the slugs have wiped out most of the young cabbage plants.  I've so much cabbage that I'm having a go at making my own sauerkraut and kimchi.  My hope is to be able to use food from the garden as much as possible in our day-to-day living.  Fingers crossed they turn out! …