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A Season of Lights

I adore Winter.  In Dublin we live farther North than you'd expect, at about the same latitude as Edmonton, Alberta.  So in the Winter the sun sits very low in the sky.  The winter light is absolutely beautiful.

As much as I love gardening, it is a great time to sit back and enjoy how everything has died back.  Its the one time of the year I actually get to see through to the back wall!

Although the garden might look barren, there is so much going on under the surface.  The tulips are already shooting up, along with narcissi shoots and the snowdrops I planted this past Autumn are in (early) bloom.

Even the mixed lettuce I over-optimistically planted last Autumn has survived, so far.

Winter is also a fantastic time to plan what's going to be planted the following Spring.  I haven't quite gotten there yet but am finalising the infrastructure changes I'd like to make in the garden this winter. Namely, drilling into the back cement wall to hang trellising for clematis an…

How to Become an Irish Citizen

I recently had the very great honour of gaining my Irish Citizenship and going to the Irish Citizenship  Ceremony on Monday, 27 November.  Tá sé iontach ar fad! There were tears! The Department of Justice does an absolutely wonderful job of being both efficient and extremely touching and personal at the same time.  Massive bualadh bos.

I have received multiple queries from people regarding what the process was like so I thought I'd write a bit on it.  Note: all information is only valid as of Nov/Dec 2017.  Immigration laws can and do change.  Make sure you have the most current information available.

There are multiple ways to apply for Irish citizenship.  I applied on the basis that I have lived in Ireland legally for over five years (naturalisation through "reckonable residence").  One may also apply through marriage if one is married to an Irish citizen and living in Ireland for the past three years. If your parents or grandparents were born in Ireland you may be e…