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Imbolg 2018

Tonight is the eve of Imbolg/St Brigid's Day,  and the traditional start of Spring but it definitely doesn't feel Spring-like today.  It is bitter cold out there, I've seen rain, sleet and snow all in the last two hours.  Still, we've had some very mild weather over the past few weeks and there's just a start to a bit of a stretch in the evenings.  There's no denying it, Spring is on the way.

January is a notoriously long month in Ireland.  After the celebrating and excess of December, January fasting (chosen or enforced!) seems to go on and on and on.  And then, around late January, something special starts to happen.  We start to see shoots and buds, coming up all over the place.  In our front garden, the hyacinths I planted last Autumn are now in full bloom.  I am so pleased with them.  A few have double blooms.

They make a much needed burst of colour after the darker, monotone Winter months.  And their scent is heavenly.  If I could pinpoint one scent that …