February Chaos

Winter cabbage surrounded by snow.  And survived! 

February was not the month I expected it to be.  Spring cleaning definitely had me in its grip because I got a mad hair to completely redecorate the sitting room and kitchen, including sourcing all new furniture, doing a massive clear-out to recycle/donate/throw away anything not used on a regular basis and re-hanging all the pictures.  Then, in the midst of that chaos, a freak blizzard hit Dublin during which my extremely brave daughter slipped on the ice and fractured her wrist.  I had planned on spending the first week in March in Buenos Aires, but the worst weather hit on the day I was meant to fly out and Dublin airport canceled all flights.  Even if I was able to fly out, there is no chance I would leave my daughter if she's not 100%.  Buenos Aires will have to wait for a later time.

So while February and early March certainly haven't gone to plan, there's loads of good things happening and progress being made.  I think the blizzard we had might've culled the exploding slug population in the garden.  Perhaps not a bad thing.  As many years as I've lived here, I've never seen so much snow in Dublin.


Front step & most potted plants completely obliterated from view by snow

Cupcake trying to decide if she really wants to go out or not. 

Snow drifts in the back garden

Mr. Handsome braves the cold to panther it through the back garden

I am absolutely delighted with how the sitting room has turned out.  I used DoneDeal for the first time and have had a great experience both advertising our old furniture and successfully selling it.  The last item to go is the fish tank, but if there's no interest I'll probably repurpose it as a terrarium for the spare room.

With all the furniture now up, off the floor, the wood floor is finally shown off to good effect

Delighted to get everything sorted after such a big clear out

Quite proud in putting this fold-down homework/crafting desk together all by myself!

The snows melted as quickly as they came and Dublin has been back to business all this past week.  My next jobs involve getting a van waste disposal service to make a trip to the dump for me, hang the new mirror over the fire place, weed the garden beds and seriously plan planting this year's veg beds.  I also need to order some compost from Johnstown Garden Centre to repot the houseplants and give them a tidy.  I still haven't added any trellising in the garden so am overdue with that but thought I may purchase an obelisk instead? I very much need some kind of support for both the clematis we already have and the wisteria I'm hoping to buy.  I haven't made my mind up yet but the sooner that's sorted out, the better.

And Gardeners' World is on again! So excited to watch last nights new episode and see what advice Monty has for me in order to get this year's garden into its greatest shape.  One of the greatest things about this show is its filmed right before it airs so what they're talking about is exactly what's going on in your garden now.  Brilliant.

Happy digging & planting to all.


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