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It's sunny! Finally! After a late winter cold snap followed by a couple weeks of grey and rain....we have sun and blue skies in Dublin and it is absolutely majestic.  There is no place like Ireland when the sun's out.  Costa del Dublin and all that.

Due to the late freezing weather, the garden is a couple weeks behind.  The white cherry blossom tree in the back garden has just exploded into full blossom and it is glorious.  The pink sakura in the front garden is nearly there.

The first and second tulips are out, the final tulips getting ready to bloom.  I didn't do it intentionally, but if you can stagger the bloom time of the tulips in your garden, it definitely prolongs the season.  They don't last very long once they've opened.

I don't bring up the bulbs every year and replant, the tulips stay in the ground all year round and I've had a very good experience with this.

I have seeded all the veg beds and the weather has been brilliant so hopefully the fi…