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The garden at Midsummer 2018: apples, ants & aphids

This season has been one of many tears in the garden.  Despite my best organic efforts, the slug colony is a worthy foe and keeping their numbers in check quite difficult.  This year alone I'm using copper tape, eggshells, juice traps and will soon add nematodes to the mix. They have completely eaten all the artichokes, the first planting of lettuce, butternut squash, sunflowers and I suspect they are the reason only one black eyed susan has sprouted.  Slugs *love* young growth so not only veg but many perennials are also on the menu.

In addition to the losses because of slugs, I've also lost every lily in the garden which I suspect is a product of the late cold weather we had.  I don't bring any bulbs up during the winter so I realise this is a risk I take and reluctantly admit that hardy plants are probably the only way to go.

The chinese lanterns I planted with great joy in 2017 have yet to make an appearance and at this point I've nearly given up hope.  Although …